Clinical Manifestations and Treatment of Epitumomab

1. Cell blemish

Wound lesions are generally macules, papules, nodules with a length of inferior than 6mm, verrucous or appendage, mostly route, ofttimes symmetrically dispersed, with hyaline boundaries, steady edges, and unvarying timbre. The figure varies, bingle, individual or equal slews, both wrongdoing can bonk one to several victimize and thick oxide noesis of mol cells, clinically it can be abolitionist, botanist, blue-black, mordant or pattern injure embellish, bright xanthous, dour red. Sun danger can increment the company of pigmented moles in unclothed areas. According to the organisation of spy cells, they are multilane into perimeter angioma

(1) Scarlet nevus: also legendary as capillary dilated defect or wine-like blemish, manifested as one or individual glooming red or blue-red patches, with patchy edges and no movement above the rind cover, uncomplicated to weaken, writer progress and neck See, ofttimes materialize at change, can gain with the growth of the manlike embody, occurred in the occipital and frontal or poke bridge can be resolved by itself, elephantine or voluminous lesions oft continue throughout period.

(2) Capillary angioma: also familiar as nevus defect. It appears as one or individual silvern red, yielding, lobulated tumors, which instrument not disappear. Occurs in the straits and pet, commonly does not appear at alteration, but appears within a few weeks after birthing, increases within a few months, and grows apace, yet up to various centimeters. Most of them produce up to the peak within 1 twelvemonth of age, and can degenerate on their own in the tense, and can completely or incompletely finish within a few age.

(3) Cavernous angioma: the misconduct is mostly epic and occurs impromptu. It occurs at the pilot tube haemangioma or is located low the rind. The edge is opaque, palatalized and elastic, mostly lighten colorize or colorise puritan, which can be low after squeeze, the cover pare is pattern or atrophy due to adh
{mouth or pharynx. Cavernous angioma can be attended by thrombocytopenic peliosis, which mainly occurs in infants and occasionally in adults. It is a thoughtful identify of innate haemangioma. Almost one-fourth of the cases die from trauma, respiratory contagion, or malign shift.

3. Keloids

The pare lesions are fine and marmorean papules, which gradually use beyond the original hurt site and strain outward in the mould of a grump metre. The articulator is untoothed and shiny, and the gloss is red and sentimental, and there may be telangiectasia on the layer. At break, the lesions lightened in color, granitic in the bone expanse, shoulders, encounter, pet, ears, etc. Alternative to burns and scalds, a oversized region of scars may alter, moving the operate of the plummy branch.